Best bushcraft axes and hatchet

Viktemir axes for bushcrafting and forest

Properties of camping axes and hatchets. Light weight and efficiency.

  1. Axe has big bit and a light weight.
    There is 5.5 inches and only 2.4 lbs. Compare it with your axe!
  2. Half-round cutting edge is optimal for deep chopping in every blow.
  3. Durable handle.
    We assemble our axes without wedge. It can't come loose as the handle dries.

Axes sizes and weight

Lightweight, long handle and big size blade:
Total weight: ~2.4 lbs (1,1 kg)
Total length: ~25 inches (65 cm)
Blade lenght: ~5.5 inches (14 cm)

See video test of our hatchet

Features of our axes

Purpose of VIKTEMIR’s axes

Our axes target for expeditions, hunting and forest adventures. This type of axes should be lightweight and efficiency. The axes have large blade length is 5,5 inches and light weight about 2,4 lbs.

Shape of axe:

We chose ancient blade shape, which was wide knew from Scandinavia to India and Iran. This was done to get a lightweight axe with a big blade.

Advantage of this axe form:

  1. A big blade give a lot of dignities:
  • Energy of strike is fully spent on cutting up.
  • The axe gets stuck less after a strong strike.
  • Risk to miss is less if wide blade, even if person tired or cuts from an awkward position.
  • Wide blade is conveniently, when you need to chop down a branch.
  • The beard of axe protects handle against accidental miss.
  • Low weight:
    • In a hiking trip the axe isn't used for all time, but only to build a campfire or to equip the camp. But you will have to wear an axe all the time!
    • Our axe weighs less than 2.5 feet, but, due to the right form, this weight is enough. You won’t have any problems with cutting across the big barrel about 15-20 inches in diameter or splitting the log along.
  • Semicircular blade axes:
  • Axes for joinery have straight blade. This allows you to thinly cut wood chips and do other accurate works. Bushcrafter's axe used for rough work, so it has semicircular blade. This type of axe blade cuts deeper into the tree and chips thicker pieces of wood.
  • Wedge profile of blade:
  • Carpenter axe has a thin profile for to do accurate work. Our axe has wedge profile of bit so you can hack thick pieces of wood and split logs along. Axe with wedge bit don’t get stuck even after strong strike and you can pull it out. Wedge shape of our axe lets chip away big slivers and split log. It's very efficiency method for rude work.

    Hand forging

    We use only smithing operation without any stamping. The steel of our axes acquires ordered structure of metal and "spirit of fire".

    Ash helve

    White or yellow natural color of helve is suitable for bushcrafting and camping because it's easy find in high grass or in the half-light.